Good dog sitting and enjoying a fenced in yard

Determining the Right Fence Height for Large Breed Dog Owners

Having a big, energetic dog is a great source of joy and excitement. They make terrific companions, fun workout partners, and reliable guardians. But all that energy and size can sometimes be a challenge to contain. When a dog owner of a large breed is off at work or lacking the energy levels to run around with their canine pal, a fenced-in yard can provide a great area for the dog to stay active. Owners need to be aware, however, that their dog will naturally be curious about the world of distractions beyond the fence, and may look for a way to get out of the yard. Making sure the fence is of the right height and material is crucial to keeping man’s best friend in the yard and out of trouble. 

Fence Height 

The most important thing to consider when selecting the right fence for a yard to keep in a large breed of dog is the height. Larger dogs like huskies, German shepherds, and others are not only large but were often bred for their athletic abilities as well. In short, they can jump. A fence that is four feet in height is unlikely to keep a bigger dog contained, especially a younger one. Large breed dog owners investing in a fence should ere on the side of caution and opt for a fence that is six feet high.

Fence Material 

It’s not just the height of a fence that determines its effectiveness at keeping dogs in. A fence made of the wrong material, even at eight feet tall, may be susceptible to breakouts. While chain link fences are an attractive option to some homeowners due to their affordability, they also offer ambitious dogs a toehold that can be used to climb up and out of the yard. A solid panel fence made of wood or composite vinyl may be slightly more expensive, but it will do a better job of keeping the dog in and look better aesthetically.

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